Michele Grazioli

Managing Partner

Michele Grazioli is an entrepreneur who has been considered one of the greatest Italian experts in Artificial Intelligence for over ten years. In 2019, Forbes convened him as one of the most influential under-30 of the country.

He is also part of many companies’ board of directors, a professor in Artificial Intelligence and a speaker at many Italian events (Milano Marketing Festival, Olivetti Day, etc.) and international meetings (China-Europe summit for AI, ISA Saudi in Arabia Saudita, Inspirational Festival a Madrid and others).

Valerio Zanaglio

Senior Partner

Born in 1960, Valerio Zanaglio is an entrepreneur from Brescia. He started his career as a director in the international steel market, where he worked as a Raw material and Transport Purchaser.

In the Nineties he founded Zato Srl, a company specialized in the manufacturing of recycling plants and equipment for the processing of scrap, which works with more than 50 countries. In 2015 he took over Ankoring Srl, a company with a long experience as a foundation piles manufacturer and in the rolling process for self-drilling bar.

Alessandra Bresciani

Senior Partner

After getting a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a specialization in tourism and management, Alessandra Bresciani started her career in Zato Srl in 2001. 

Her marked talent for managing and her leadership qualities led her to acquire the shares of the company in 2003. In the same period she assumed the role of Managing Director. Over the years, she has become part of the corporation’s board of directors and nowadays she’s also its President.

Ambitious aims have complex solutions. Our mission is to make them simple.


Technologies and tools
to reinvent the future

Who we are

An investment company.
A partner to define more ambitious goals.

An ally to make them possible.

We are a group of entrepreneurs , with several decades of proven experience in manufacturing and informatics sectors. Our approach is based upon two elements: practical attitude and measurable solutions.


We believe in large-scale business models, which offer profits, credibility and can add value to companies.

That’s what we work for: to make high-performing and innovating technologies available for SMEs, in order to keep their market uniqueness, while maximizing results.

What we do

Investing money without strategy is a risk. Planning without resources is just theory.

We invest capital for great potential SMEs, using a mixed approach which combines liquid capital and technology assets based on Artificial Intelligence. A synergy of high-performing technical tools to develop business targeted measures and strategies.

Our founders

 Mival: Michele Grazioli

Michele Grazioli

Managing Partner
 Mival: Valerio Zanaglio

Valerio Zanaglio

Senior Partner
 Mival: Alessandra Bresciani

Alessandra Bresciani

Senior Partner


Stratified solutions for solid businesses

 Mival: Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Initial steps are crucial to measure the success of a project. Through data collection and analysis we find the strong points of companies and we boost them through technology.

This is the only way to turn an exercise in style into an efficient qualitative support.

 Mival: Financial investment

Financial investment

In order to set business growth, planning financial resources is a crucial step.

In addition to the injection of liquid capital, Mival Capital provides  cutting-edge technologies to speed up the expansion and growth of every business.

 Mival: Customization


Every business is the true expression of a specific set of values, aims and models.  There is no shortcut, there are just experienced partners who can develop businesses potential.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to customize investment plans, focusing on entrepreneurs’ specific needs.

 Mival: AI application

AI application

Applying digital resources to the management process leads to greater competitiveness.

Both in value system, growth and scalability. With our technology assets we offer cutting-edge systems of algorithms, through which Artificial Intelligence can simulate the future. The assimilation of technology in business processes is a prerequisite to this.

 Mival: Risk management

Risk management

Risk exposure is part of a company’s life. Artificial Intelligence plays a fundamental strategic role in this field.

By using algorithms we can predict and measure the consequences of a decision, managing business risks and opportunities, in order to solve problems even before they exist.

 Mival: Monitoring and improvement

Monitoring and improvement

From planning to application, we monitor data constantly, to make business enhancement process always objective and measurable.

We provide analysis based on results validation, so that we can adapt ongoing actions, providing accurate and intelligence-powered solutions which can conform to different needs.


We invest on new growth objectives

A long-term vision is the best resource to write the future. That’s why support to SMEs is an integral part of our job.

The result is a complex system of simple operations: AI determines cause-effect relationships between data and analysis results, while our team assists managers with their decisional process and investments planning.

By delegating risks management and evaluation to technology, businessmen will have more time to spend on their company growth and decisional processes. Innovation, at entrepreneurs’ service.

 Mival Progetti immagine background
 Mival Progetti immagine


Early stage:

from 50
to 250 thousand euros;


Private Equity:

from 500 thousand
to 2.5 million euros.


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